How to Improve Job Performance

How to Improve Job Performance

When it comes to performance at job, most of the employees don’t care much about it until and unless it gives them some kind of monetary benefit. Very few are career oriented and have passion for what they do. The ones who do, are into a dilemma for, how can they improve their performance at work.

Some think “practice will make them perfect”, others think “training” might help and some think “Self-management” can help. No doubt that self-management can do wonders. A spiritually awakened balanced personality is much more efficient and productive. It is a self awakening practice where one requires being 100% presence of mind. 

On the practical side, there are principles of scientific management that can assist in improving performance and also help in smooth working of the organization. These FOUR principles are-

  1. Science not rule of Thumb

Under this principle, each and every work should be performed scientifically and not by intuition or “rule of thumb”. The task that has to be performed should be first analyzed properly to see how much time does it require to complete that particular task so as to set a standard for that particular task to further measure the performance for appraisal. On the other hand, leadership training programs could be designed by the HR department to enhance the decision making skills of the team members.  

2. Harmony not Discord

The best way to work in an organization is by building cordial relationship between management and the workers. The harmony between both the parties can actually help in achieving not just the organizational goals bust also achieving personal goals.

There has to be complete mental revolution between the management and the workers, which mean management, should share the part of profit with the workers and workers should cooperate and work hard in accordance to accomplish the desired goals. Both the parties should realize the importance of each other and only aim towards betterment of organization as well as in achieving personal goals. 

3.Cooperation not Individualism

This principle is extension of the principle of “Harmony not Discord” that lays stress on mutual understanding and cooperation between the management and the workers. Management should encourage, support and motivate the workers towards team work spirit and increasing their engagement in decision making. Goals of the management and workers should be aligned towards achievement of company vision and mission.

4.Development of each & every person to his or her greatest efficiency and prosperity

The management should take initiative to train the workers right from the stage of recruitment to actual working of an employee and also to bring out the skills and capabilities an employee has.

Training can be provided according to what is desirable for an employee that suits his or her intellectual or physical capabilities. This will help to identify the scientific method of performing the task for every employee in which he or she is good at.

All these principles can only help if the managers and the workers are well trained and understand the importance of each other’s team work. An excellent coach guides and trains both the parties to bring the results in favor of the organization.

For the journey from an employee to team-worker, there are different courses or workshops available. Any such initiative, which guides the team working beyond the obstacles by removing all the mental barriers which could be hindering the growth of the corporate house or a business venture, is always the right step and best investment for the growth and development of the company. Hiring and working with a coach directs all the team’s actions to be uni-directional, ensuring higher performance and productivity by all the managers and the employees of the organization.