How to be successful in life: Top 10 Success Mantras

How to be successful in life

I had a discussion with Coach Sushil Arora, one of the best life and business coach in India on the topic of Success, a lot many points were discussed, and here are a few.

 Success” is a very familiar word and one of the most searched words on Google. Different experts tend to define success in different ways.

Everyone has his own perspective and interpretation and defines success accordingly.For a student, scoring good marks is success.

For a graduate, getting placed in a good company is success. For a businessman, having profitable business model is success. For a blogger, writing an interesting blog is success.


This blog consists ten interesting and easy to implement ways to be successful. These will help you at every stage of your life, as they answer very common questions:What is success? What is a good definition of success? What is success in simple words? What defines success in life? How to be successful in life? What are 10 keys to success? How can I achieve success?

  1. Think big, plan bigger, act biggest.

Think big

You are born to do big things, you are bigger than you think that you are.Think big and create massive action plan. Massive action plan needs series of brain storming sessions. Ensure 100% dedication while implementation of the action plan.


  1. Write your own destiny. Just be committed.

Write your own destiny

How to write your destiny? Life Coach Sushil Arora says, “Commitment is the pen to write your destiny”. You can write your own destiny by being committed to your goals. Set your goals and put 300% efforts to fulfil the same.

  1. Make sure, the end must be success.

must be success

There might be failures on the road to success. Don’t be afraid. If you are committed and you know your destination, stick to the implementation plan and success shall follow.

Watch, how Motivational speaker Sushil Arora, defines Success as per his experiences shared as keynote speaker at Customer Meet organized by Tally Accounting Software at The Park, CP, New Delhi.


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  1. Plan. Execute. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Sustain.


Success demands commitment and consistency. Path of success is a loop. Create work processes and create loops for perfection, sustainability & better results.


  1. Right key at right door is “the key”.

Right key at right door

Life is a game to find the right key and to use it at right door. When chosen wisely, these doors open pathway to new achievement.

  1. If you are done dreaming. Start acting.

Start acting

Dreams will not turn into realityat its own. Just dreaming won’t do any good. Along with Law of Attraction, believe in Karma as per Srimad Bhagwad Geeta’s Lesson of being in action without any expectation or attachment towards results by Lord Sri Krishna. You need to start acting. You need to plan and execute so if you are done dreaming, start acting now.

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  1. Discipline turns goals into accomplishments.

Discipline turns goals

Discipline allows you to set, achieve and sustain on the path of success.As it takes consistency in efforts to achieve objectives, discipline shall make you persistent in your actions& lead you towards success comfortably.

  1. Fear shall keep you safe but courage shall take you to success.

Fear shall keep you safe

Fears hold us back. Recognise your fears. Fear is just a mental barrier. Plan to overcome your fears. Fear never lets us walk on the success path, on the other hand, courage opens up unseen success routes. Be fearless. Be courageous. Take the first step. Be confident.

Watch Excellent tips on how to gain confidence & remove fear by life and business coach Sushil Arora during an orientation with school students at KVM School, Ludhiana.

  1. Unplanned things have lesser chances of getting implemented.

Unplanned things have lesser

Planning works as a bridge between the idea and execution. Planned tasks run fluently. Plan your day, week, life, business. Plan everything. Celebrate even if you fail to accomplish the planned outcomes.


  1. Growth is sum number of risks you take.

Growth is sum number

Growth never roams around comfort zone. You will have to take risks in life. All the risks you takeshall shapeup your life.While having the discussion with Business Coach Sushil Arora in Delhi, I realized that there is a lot to explore for myself yet.

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