How to be successful entrepreneur – Business tips by startup & Business Coach Sushil Arora

How to be successful entrepreneur

What is startup? How to start a startup? What is entrepreneurship? Who is an entrepreneur? How to beentrepreneur? What are tips for entrepreneurs to be successful? What are the characteristics of entrepreneurs?

I had all these questions and summed up all answers into ten simple points after discussing with Coach Sushil Arora, one of the best life and business coach in Northern India. This blog will surely give answer to these questions in easy and simple language.

Definition: Entrepreneurship comes from French verb entreprendre which means “to take control”. You need not always a big idea for start-up, a very small solution to a challenge faced by masses could be sufficient, but, there must be potential in the idea of solving a common problem being faced by public at large.

Few characteristics of entrepreneurs are “Vision”, “Persistence”, “Values”, “Enthusiasm”, “Passion”, “Strong determination” and highly“positive mind-set”.

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  • A dream written down with a date becomes a Goal.
  • A goal broken down into steps becomes A Plan.
  • A plan backed by actions becomes Reality.


  1. Entrepreneurship is a religion.


Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not everyone can afford it. A few tough years in the beginning of business may result into comfortable decades. Entrepreneurship is independent of caste or religion system. Entrepreneurshipitself is a religion.

  1. Business is most exciting game.

Business is most exciting game

Games are best activity or exercise to engage team. But how about a game which makes you financially stable. Business Coach Sushil Arora says, “Business is most exciting game” No other game causes the amount of andreline rush as business. And the best part is, there is no set rules in this game. Play as much you want.

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  1. When thoughts earn you money, that’s called entrepreneurship.

called entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are called separate species because they think different. They sell their thoughts. They are capable of turning their thoughts into plans and plans into action. It’s said, “When thoughts earn you money, that’s called entrepreneurship”.

  1. What next? A question you can’t escape from.

What next?

Be it Business, start-up or any other profession, one question will be constant i.e. WHAT NEXT? You cannot escape from it. You cannot run from it. You will have to face it. Learn-Unlearn-Relearn approach shall be helpful to answer. And, if you can answer this, success shall follow.


  1. Right key at right door is “the key”.

Right key

Entrepreneurship is a game to find the right key and to use it at right door. When chosen wisely, these doors open pathway to new achievements. Startup coach & Mentor, Coach Sushil Arora name these keys as, “Vision”, “Persistence”,“Values”, “Enthusiasm”, “Passion”, “Strong determination” and Highly positive mind-set.


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  1. Look out for a problem & chances are that you will find a product idea.

Look out for a problem

No one will buy your idea or product if it doesn’t solve any problem faced by them. Ideas are initial step for startups.  But question is “how to find an idea for startup”. Startupguide, Coach Sushil Arora says, “Look out for a problem & chances are that you will find a product idea”.


  1. Production.Consumption. Need.

Production.Consumption. Need

This one may not strike your mind chords but it is most basic and simplest one to define startup and business processes. As it’s said, “Need is mother of all inventions”. Need is foundation of every product. From need to production to consumption to need again, it will be an endless cycle if the idea is unique and the product is innovative in nature.

  1. While others play with quantity, focus on quality to win the game.

quality to win the game

Business is a game and probably most exciting one. Today’smarket has a lot of competitors competing to win the market and customers. It takes a well-planned strategy to sustain your position in perfectly competitive market. Best strategy is to shift your focus on the quality rather than going for quantity expansion.


  1. Everyone comes up with ideas. The one who executes, is a true businessman.

Everyone comes up with ideas

To have ideas for start-ups is much easier than implementation. True entrepreneur knows how to execute and implement idea to reality. This is foremost characteristic of an entrepreneur. At the end of the day, it’s all about innovation and research. Change before it becomes necessity.

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  1. Partnership: One plus one is equal to 101.


Partnershipsconsolidate your start-up. It splits your workload, responsibilities, at the same time, gives your startup pace and speed.

  1. Opportunities are like sunrises, they won’t wait for you.

Opportunities are like sunrises

A successful entrepreneur’s mind shall always be open for new opportunities. He/she must know opportunities never wait for anyone. Either you take the chance or someone else will. Opportunities are like sun. It will always be arising, but the question is, are you really committed to look at it!


  1. Dream. Plan. Execute. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Sustain.

Dream. Plan

Success demands commitment and consistency. Path of success is a loop. Slogan of start-up could be, “Dream. Plan. Execute. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Sustain.” Create work processes and create loops for perfection, sustainability & better results.

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