7 I’s of Intrapreneurship


“Intrapreneurs” are achievers of their dreams. Aspiring high and giving their best for best output and results. It is the act, wherein an employee or a manager acts like an entrepreneur in the department/ division of the company with complete autonomy to develop a new idea, product or a new department that might become a source of revenue and productivity to the business in future.

Who doesn’t want their employees to take responsibility? 

Everybody! Right!

Employers want their teammates to take initiative for the development of new project, idea or their area of expertise as an Intrapreneur who steps up and takes the responsibility on behalf of the owner for the business to grow ‘exponentially’.

To understand better as to what actually the concept of INTRAPRENEURSHIP is. Here are the 7 Key Ingredients that form an effective and efficient mechanism of Intrapreneurship.

These ingredients are essential qualities that an Intrapreneur should possess to constructively contribute towards the organization and be an asset to the company. It defines the roles and responsibilities that an Employee should play to get down in the shoes of an ‘Intrapreneur’.


All organizations whether large or small. Create an environment to encourage new ideas and creativity within the organization. An Intrapreneur works as an innovator for the company to produce new ideas, methods or techniques.

That might prove to be successful and generate profits for the company. These ideas can bring change and can also prove to be successful in increasing turnover in a corporate house.


Autonomy is critical for better making decisions in favor of company’s goals and vision. A manager who takes decision irrespective of any restrictions and comes up with better outcome. Working with autonomy opens plenty other doors inviting success. Autonomy enables Intrapreneur to act freely and explore new horizons to bring necessary changes.


An Intrapreneur influences people to believe in the decision. That is made or an idea developed by one and convinces the fellow employees to align down onto a certain track that can benefit business in near future. Mostly the Intrapreneurs are self- motivated to work for the wellness of the company. And further keep motivating others also to take responsibility so as to act as an Entrepreneur. 


Integrity means state of unity. It is one of the main ingredients of Intrapreneurship that helps in building teams and coordinating the activities in order to achieve a common goal. An Intrapreneur integrates the efforts made by all the people in an organization working in different departments to give them direction for future. Further these group efforts will be integrated towards the achievement of goals of the organization.


Intrapreneurs are action-oriented people who take up an initiative to pursue certain innovations or to bring about constructive reforms in their respective departments.

They are the initiators to bring change in existing method and culture of a company in order to motivate others to do the same. They initiate to bring innovation that can take the business to next level for others to follow and perform tasks effectively.


Intrapreneurs are pro-active with strong Gut feel. Their sense of business, readiness to take risks and intuitive thinking makes them believe in new idea. That is being taken up which increases efficiency of the tasks performed in future. Predicting things in future also brings expertise as precautionary measures will already be taken for future contingencies resulting into fewer problems.


Intrapreneur is not someone outside of the company. They are already a part of the company as supervisor or manager who take initiative to develop an idea for growth and enhancement of the company.

They initiate to take responsibility for developing a new department or an area of expertise and work like an entrepreneur to make a significant impact on the development of the company. 

For the journey from an employee to Intrapreneur, there are different courses or workshops available. Any such initiative by a right coach  who guides the team working beyond the obstacles by removing all the mental barriers which could be hindering the growth of the corporate house or a business venture.

Hiring and working with a coach directs all the team’s actions to be uni-directional. Ensuring higher performance and productivity by all the managers and the employees of the organization. It further encourages the managers or the employees to take initiative and to be accountable for the work done, generating additional revenue for the business.