How to live a better life: 10 Beautiful Life Lessons

How to live a better life

How to live a better life?  What is work life balance? What are best life tips? How to handle different situations in life?

 As we all are unique and we have different lifestyles, thought process, beliefs, culture, education and religions.

So it becomes difficult to come up with one universal statement that answer that fits all. Here are a few life management tips to live a great life.

 I had all these questions and summed up all answers into ten simple points after discussing with Coach Sushil Arora, one of the best life and business coach in Northern India. This blog will surely give answer to these questions in easy and simple language.

  1. Love builds the foundation to keep the world intact.

live a fulfilling life

Number one access to live a fulfilling life is unconditional love. Love is universal religion. Love connects us all. “Love builds the deepest roots to keep the whole universe intact”.

Whether you want growth in life or success, just check out your love meter. Check out your emotional quotient. The more you give, the more you receive. Don’t keep grudges. Forgive quickly. Have love for all unconditionally without any expectations or greed.

  1. A true friend or a coach is like a flashlight in the dark.

coach is like a flashlight

In the darkness when even light leaves us, a true friend shall stay by your side. Love unconditionally and create true friends.

Don’t look out for true friend, try to be the one. Friendship is what makes us stronger and true friend is like a flashlight in the dark.


  1. Being too worried about health, also creates health issues.

worried about health

During a corporate training session in Ludhiana, Punjab, Coach Sushil Arora quoted, “Excess of everything is bad”.

Being health conscious is good but over thinking & worrying also triggers health issues. While working out regularly for physical health, don’t miss your mental health.

Are you worrying to much? Are you concerned about your mental health? Write us for help in comment section.

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  1. Where money fails. Trust works.

Trust works

Trust is a global currency. It works everywhere on earth. Even where money fails to do the job, trust does. Trust the community around, be trustworthy. Community will show up, when you give them the opportunity for the same.


  1. Life is like a battle, one who stands still, shall die first.

Life is like a battle

It’s said, “Life never become easy, you become stronger“. Life is a battlefield or call it a place for “Karma”. Become a warrior. Fight the obstacles of life. Don’t stand still. You surely lose when you stop moving, so keep moving ahead and keep winning.


  1. Optimism will always be a better option.

Optimism will always be a better option

Thoughts are of two types: optimistic and pessimistic. Optimism is always better option. Optimism shows you new opportunities. It empowers your character, creativity and spirit to persist.

Corporate Trainer Coach Sushil Arora, always focus on optimistic approach and guide others for the same. Find out comparison between corporate trainer and motivational speaker.

  1. What makes you unhappy, is what makes you brave too.

What makes you unhappy

Unfavorable times build a strong character. They might make us unhappy for the time being, but in the long run, such times also make us more strong, brave and competent. Take challenges, fail more to achieve more. No success comes before failures.


  1. Embrace the pain and burn it as fuel for your journey towards success.

your journey towards success

When it hurts, it’s getting better. Think of pain as gasoline in the car of life. Be bold, ready to take challenges, accelerate yourself towards success. Remember the famous saying “no pain, no gain”.

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  1. Opportunities are like sunrises, they won’t wait for you.

Opportunities are like sunrises

Opportunities never wait for anyone. Either you take the chance or someone else will. Opportunities are like sunrise. Sun will always be rising, but the question is, are you really committed to look out for the new opportunities evolving on daily basis and ready to change & upgrade yourself to grab the same.


  1. Laughter is the best appetizer & tonic for health.

Laughter is the best healer

Laughter is a natural healer. It heals you mentally and emotionally & eventually physically. Laugh more. Live more. Love the most.

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