Comparison Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker

Corporate Trainer Vs Motivational speaker
Comparison : Corporate Trainer Vs Motivational speaker/Motivator


There is a huge difference between a Corporate Trainer or Life & Business Coach versus Motivational Speaker or Motivator. Here are a few points to be mentioned.
Education: A Corporate Trainer has good educational qualification from an esteemed institute as compared to a motivational speaker. A motivator may or may not have a Post Graduate degree or higher qualification.
Experience: A Corporate Trainer is supposed to have working experience of reputed national or Multi-national Company whereas a Motivator may not have the same.
Edge: A Corporate Trainer has an edge in Public Speaking as compared to the motivational speaker. Corporate Trainer inspires the audience by sharing stories from his personal experience whereas motivational speaker may share success stories of others.
Energise: Motivational Speaker infuses energy in the audience by sharing success stories whereas Corporate Trainer also energises the audience whereas at the same time, shares technical tools also for better performance.
Passion: A Corporate Trainer motivates after formal training in Public Speaking leads seminars out of his Passion and not dependent on short duration projects for earning bread and butter in life.
Professional: A Corporate Trainer, having wide experience of business and job acts rationally and more professionally than a motivator.
Business Exposure: A Corporate Trainer is expected to have personal Business Exposure also whereas A Motivational Speaker could be just a fresher and delivering talks out of his Passion.
Impact: A Corporate Trainer is able to leave a long term impact on audience because of having first hand experience of being an entrepreneur as well as being an employee also as compared to motivational speaker may not have the same.
Variety of Topics: Having a strong educational background, a Corporate Trainer has command over various topics related to the concerns of the management including Soft skills or Performance Behavior whereas motivational speaker may not have the similar exposure.
Customised:  A Corporate Trainer does need analysis first and delivers the talk, seminar, workshop or outbound training as per the customised requirements of the client whereas a motivational speaker may not have the similar approach.
Knowledge: Having knowledge of various management tools like 5S, Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, QC Tools and other various laws and theories of Performance, a Corporate Trainer is able to serve the clients better by fulfilling their expectations.
Coaching: A Corporate Trainer acts like a Business Coach to serve the clients better by guiding, mentoring and hand-holding them to manage their businesses well and supports them in their journey towards success and multiplying growth.
To Summarise, A Corporate Trainer plays the role of a Motivational Speaker also very well, whereas motivational speaker has to go a long way towards being a Corporate Trainer.