How to Manage STRESS Positively

All the doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists say that stress should not be there. But believe me the latest research says that Stress is good for you rather Stress is it, which is what makes you perform.

1. Parkinson’s Law

We feel stress when we have a time constraint. Right. And what Parkinson’s law says that your work expands as per the time available.

You want to go abroad in six days, you do the same preparation.You want to go abroad in six days, you do the same preparation. And if you know, six months are available, even then same amount of work is completed. Your marriage is scheduled after three days, how much preparation, you are able to do?

If you are given three month’s time, even then same amount of work remains pending. So, How come? So we have the stress many a time at the last moment, but believe me that stress is good for you. You try at your own.

Whenever you are running fast, your heart is pounding faster. When temperature starts coming down, your body starts sweating. Whatever happens within your body, it’s good for you. As a antidote, as a Anti-inflammatory or antibiotic itself, is good for you.

2. Heart Response

Now let’s look at what happens within us, when we have stress. Now what happens our heart is beating faster, and it makes your nerves contract.

Heart is sending more blood to the brain and brain is receiving more blood means ​oxygen. So it’s working more efficiently.

So what’s the bad in that? Yes, living in that mode of contracted nerves for the longer durations is bad. But, what it does as the instantaneous reaction is good. As simple as that. No big science in that.

3. Brain Response

The job of the brain is to release chemicals. Heart is pumping more blood and brain is releasing Now this toxin has been in news for long now, and this is also called as hog toxin.

This Hug Toxin​tells you to talk to other people. Share your concern with others, share your heart out with them. As per ​Newton’s Third Law, to every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Now this is something which is happening from outside that there is stress and what is happening inside equal and opposite reaction. The positive reaction. That our heart is pumping more blood and your brain is releasing oxytocin, which makes you talk to other people and your stress level automatically comes down.

Pain is reduced by sharing. Because when you share your concern, say community because when you share your concern is dealt with. Because you will be not be sharing your concerns with everybody or anybody, you’ll talk to only those whom you consider close to you and they will support you. As simple as that.

4. Socialising
This is what happens at heart level, this is what happens at brain level.
What happens outside of the body? There’s, as per the research, those people who have been supporting others have always the lesser.
There’s, as per the research, those people who have been supporting others have always the lesser stress as compared to those who keep themselves to themselves only. 
Kelly McGonial has also shared the same thoughts. I won’t say help you, I say when you support others, others will also come forward to support you. So that is why I say Stress is a necessary evil. Stress is good for you. 
5. Perception
We think bad about our parents also because they also give us stress at sometimes. That don’t go out late night. 
Don’t do this, but, but later on, what we realize that THAT stress that which we realized at that particular point of time was also good for us. They were our well wishers, are our well wishers, think good about us. 
That’s why they stop us from doing a particular task. We feel bad then but, later on we realise that yes It was good for us. Rather than stress is what is dangerous for you. NO. Stress is always always. Believe me, stress is good for you.