Business Mantras: Top 20 Inspiring and Motivational Business Quotes

How to become succesful businessman

In modern times, there are a number of blogs and articles focusing on business principles and every expert & Coach has its own style and perspective.

I used some of the inspiring and Motivational Business quotes by Business Coach Sushil Arora from his various training sessions, corporate training sessions, motivational talks, business training sessions & more, and compiled them in this blog.


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  1. Rule of 3B’s : Business, Business &Business

A businessman must know number one rule i.e. business, business and business which meansclear laser like focus on business and its profitability.

Avoid multi-tasking. Be clear-headed. Higher the clarity, faster shall be the pace of growth. Focus on business and profitability will be an outcome.

Rule of 3B’s

  1. Good mind-set sets a good business.

As happiness depends uponmind-set and attitude, business success and growth also depends upon the same.

A good mind-set will give you access to infinite imagination that will help you to set a bigger vision for your business.

Good mind set

  1. “Luck” is not found in business dictionary.

If there would be a business dictionary, then word “LUCK” shall not be added in that. Luck neither can be blamed for failure nor can be credited for success of business.

It’s all about clarity of roadmap and its execution. Proper planning &execution is, what matters, the most in any business.

3. “Luck” is not found in business dictionary

  1. What you do today in business, shall decide the future of business.

Today’s activities will always impact one’s future whether it’s life or business. Plan and do the things which are necessary for better future of your organisation.

Observe and analyse what you are doing concurrently, weekly or fortnightly and do the requisite changes in plan of action.

What you do today in business

  1. Everyone comes up with ideas. The one who executes, is a true businessman.

To have ideas for business is much easier than implementation. True businessman knows how to execute and implement idea to reality. At the end of the day, it’s all about innovation and research. Change before it becomes necessity.

Everyone comes up with ideas

  1. First rule of business. Mind your own.

Energy and time are vulnerable.Use these sources optimally to achieve your objectives. Befocused and mind your business first. Priorities matter a lot. Your business must be your first priority. At the same time, also maintain work life balance.

First rule of business

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  1. Business started with innovative ideas need lesser marketing budgets.

It’s said, “You have to spend money to make money.”However, you can save a big chunk of marketing budget. If your product is innovative in nature and market feedbacks are strong. Positive word of mouth is best marketing tool. So analyse market need and launch the product accordingly.

Business started with innovative ideas

  1. Network is Net-worth. Connections are necessary resources for business.

Network is Net-worth. You will need connections at every stage of your life, be it personal or professional.

The bigger network you have, easier it will be for you to have higher net worth. Use media platforms, to add connections. Share your thoughts. Connect with like-minded people.

Network is Net worth

  1. The real task: Not to build a business but is to sustain it.

Sustaining the businesses is much difficult than establishment. There are a number of live examples where well established businesses were unable to sustain for longer duration.

Only few businesses continue for 3rd and 4th generation.Make sure that you keep changing and updating yourself as well as your business model for sustainability.

The real task

  1. There is always scope of enhancing business efficiency.

No process works at 100% efficiency for all the time and business is nothing but a bunch of processes. Hence, there will always be scope to enhance business efficiency.

Processes& production analysis always have scope to enhance productivity and output. Schedule periodical reviews and brain storming sessions with team for continuous up-gradation.

There is always scope of enhancing

  1. A true businessman has business running through his veins.

Love and live your profession.This must be your approach for business or any profession you are linked with.

Make your work flow through your veins.If you don’t love your job, you’ll keep struggling for efficiency for months and years.

A true businessman has business running

  1. Wish to be businessman? First know your business, man.

Looking for meaning of this? Here is a task for you, do brain-storming and submit your valuable answer in comment section.

Wish to be businessman

  1. Happy employees are key to successful businesses.

Happy & contended employees add to theefficiency. A happy satisfied employee shall give better output and results.

Focus on employee satisfaction, their needs, expectation and creditability. Formulate HR policies in mutual interest.

Happy employees are key

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  1. Before starting a business. Create a blueprint first.

Plan. Write a goal. Draw your vision on paper. Have a clear mission. Create a blueprint. Invest time in planning, shall give you better and favourable results. Ensure that you share all of these with your team also.

Before starting a business

  1. Businesses grow. When they help others grow.

Business growth and success is directly proportional to the growth and success of community. Growth is also give and take process. So focus your business strategies on growth of economy and eventually your business will flourish.

Businesses grow

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  1. A business without ethics is myth.

Business without ethics is mere a myth. Business ethics add to the sustainability of business. At the same time, business ethics separate your business from others. High business principles and values add to the sustainability of the business.

A business without ethics is myth

  1. Resources are never a barrier for business growth. Vision is.

Resources can always be created, be it financial or related to infrastructure. A strong commitment and passion with vision is the key requisite for extraordinary results to overcome any barriers of resources.

Resources are never a barrier

  1. Great teams create great businesses.

Teamwork is one of the pillars that strengthen your business growth. Team leader must work as a mentor. Team-play makes objectives easier and give great results.

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Great teams create great businesses

  1. Satisfied happy customers define the business growth.

Businesses should work towards number one objective i.e. “customer satisfaction”. Happier the customer, higher will be the pace of business growth. Customers are always most reliable guide for betterment of services.

Satisfied happy customers

  1. Whether business or life, without timeline nothing works.

Timeline is the sequence the events of life/ business. Ensure long term planning with clear milestones. And do celebrate your success or failures, whether you achieve or miss your goals as per the timeline. Celebration is must.

Whether business or life

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