Top 10 Team Building Games Ingredients

Top 10 Corporate Team Building Games Ingredients: With ever-increasing competition in this world, the business challenges are also increasing, which in turn demands strong teams working smartly in markets. 

Henceforth, the need for Team building games for strengthening teams is continuously on the rise. Here are best top 10 team building activities ingredients which ensure successful delivery of the outdoor as well as indoor activities. 

1. Grab the Attention: Much before the actual start of the activity, a good facilitator should ensure to grab the attention of the participants with a well rehearsed ice-breaking session full of fun, high energy, and curiosity.

2. Audience Involvement: First and foremost requirement while the delivery of team building sessions is that each and every team member must be involved in the activity, irrespective of gender, age, and experience.

3. Sense of Humor: The facilitator should have a very fine sense of humor, which should neither hurt any of the participants nor offend the feeling of the member, who was not able to perform well during the activity.

4. Clarity of Instructions: Before the start of the activity, the expert must clearly explain the instructions, the do’s and don’ts of the activity. Success or failure of the activity depends a lot upon the delivery of instructions before the actual start of the activity.

5. Keep up the Curiosity: A good Team building activity must keep the pinch of curiosity alive amongst all participants from the start till the end of the game so that everyone is well engaged and participating to the fullest. 

6. Start of Session: A good facilitator builds the context and sets the tone of the activity before the actual start, ensuring 100% attention and participation of all team members during the activity. 

7. Completion of Activity: Good facilitator ensures to summarise the outcomes of the indoor and outdoor activities very well after the completion of team building activity, as the learnings may vary for each participant as per their experience.

8. Quality of Props: The quality of the props being used during the outbound activities must be cross-checked more than once so that there’s no last-minute breakdown during the activity is in progress.

9. Need Analysis: A good facilitator understands the need for the activity from the company’s point of view and ensures that the activity gets completed with the same output before the end of the session.

10. Synchronize the Activities: All the activities should be designed and delivered in the right flow. As the comparatively tough activities should be kept in the lower order as compared to the easy ones.

Taking all of the above-mentioned points into consideration and delivery style of the facilitator ensures the success of the session resulting in a highly satisfied client. Here’s the video link of a well designed and delivered Team Building Games Session.