Why Entrepreneurs face Cash Crunch – No.1 Reason & The Solutions

Cash Crunch Maya Yoga

Facing Cash Crunch….
You receive payments lesser and outstanding increases faster. Do you face Cash Crunch again and again. Eight hour Training called “Maya Yoga” workshop is the solution.

Let me share with you the real reason of Cash Crunches again and again. Recognize your paradigm and habits related with money. Know the habits of a Spender – Saver – Saint – Investor. Know your habits and follow new practices of managing money powerfully. Know the dynamics of money.

S. Baldev Singh Chawla says that after this workshop, he was able to enjoy abundance of freely available Cash in Business with an additional 3% ROI from existing Business.

Kumar Mondal, a Govt employee, says that he was able to control ever increasing expenses due to impulse buying in his lifestyle and was able to block leakages to enjoy free Cash flow and plan for his Financial Freedom.

Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, a dental surgeon, says that now her Bank Balance and Investments are growing exponentially year on year moving faster towards Financial Freedom with sufficient cash in hand for monthly expenses.

Pay only Rs.99/- to register for the two hour webinar on Wednesday October 3, 2018 from 6pm-8pm