Money Mantras MAYA YOGA

Being Rich

Put your money to work harder than yourself even while you’re sleeping.There are many options to invest money to earn money.In today’s world it is important to invest money to have a comfortable sleep.If you don’t invest money you have to work hard to get a handful earning.

State Of Mind

Being poor or not having money is a state of mind. Outer world is only a reflection of inner world. It is only a state of mind to be poor or to be rich. Whatever we think in our inner world we create are surroundings like that. Outer world is only a reflection what we think and believe in our sub concious mind.

Be An Idiot

Be an idiot while spending money. More you try to hold, more it slips away. More you resist, it persists. Have such earnings that there should be no need to think while spending money. Money has very unsteady nature. More you try to hold, more it slips away. More you resist, it persists. There is only need to act wise while investing.

Being Rich

Being rich or having money is a state of mind. Spirit of charity decides the size. It is only a state of mind to be rich or to be poor. whatever we feel or think in our inner world, we create our surroundings like that. It is only spirit of charity that decides  the size of wealth. How much we create, how much we have and how much we donate.


These are the maya mantras to lead a peaceful life. Earn money with fair means.Don’t use unfair means.Ill got ill spent.In this digital world, cash should be avoided. Prefer making payments online.After earning invest first and then spend to manage your expenditures.Plan your budget.Cut your coat according to your cloth. Don’t be penny wise,pound foolish.Intentions matter. Pehle Likh Pichhe De, Bhul Pade To Piche Dekh.” 

Always plan to save and invest before you spend on expenditures.Taking any kind of loan should be postponed prefer managing within available resources. Share the revenue and profits with your team and colleagues.Maintain competitive prices in perfect competition or create MOAT to charge higher.Insurance gets ignored and considered as expenditure whereas it is critical to meet unforeseen expenditures.Credit cards payments charge high interest rate if ovrtdue. So keep them cleared on first priority.


Chase vision money will chase you. Have a clear vision in life and only need to follow that vision. The clearer the vision is the faster shall be the pace towards goal achievement. Money will be generated as an outcome of your efforts.


Keep working hard 24*7 365 days or know power of compounding. Work smart to create wealth unlimited.


Invest in books, invest in yourself, invest in people, invest in love. Books are your best friends. Invest in yourself by participating in different programs and workshops. Social relations are best assets. The world is driven by the love so create love and spread love.


Knowledge: increases when shared, Money: also increases when shared rightly. Knowledge has a very special character. It increases as much as we share it. Money also has the same character. It also increases when it shared in a right way wether you lend to human beings or choose right avenues of investments with higher rate of return.


Knowledge: more you know,more you realise, the less you know. Money: more you have, more you want, the more you crave. In case of knowledge as you know more things, you realise that what you didn’t know yet. As compared to this, in case of money as much you have, you will want to have more and crave for more.

The Maya Yoga workshop creates detachment from money as shree krishna created detachment from karma in Shrimad bhagwat geeta.

At the same time,”Dharmasya Moolam Artham”, it is  very important to earn money to live in this social world and fulfill biological and physical needs. So, the dual aspect of detachment as well as managing money powerfully makes the  maya yoga workshop,one of of most sought after training programmes with long lasting impact resulting into financial freedom.