Case Study on Life & Business Transformation

Life & Business Transformation

A case study on Life & Business Transformation. Let me have the privilege of sharing the details of what was created at Cafe Coffee Day at unofficial meeting in common interest and learning for all….


As you all might know that we have weekly Get together at CCD on Tuesday evenings. Last week, when Mr. Rajan(name changed knowingly) an Auto part manufacturer and trader.

A large scale industrialist was quite skeptical and reluctant to come for the Cup of Coffee as he was under too much of stress to be managed as per his experience.

I, being the host and coach, invited him to be a part of informal coffee get together for a short duration. If he really wanted to come out of struggle and rough weather. And to a great surprise, he turned up with a low feeling thought process, heavy beard and a similar body language.

Biggest Challenge_Work Life Balance

When motivated to share his concerns with the small group of new unknown friends. He started sharing about his tough times in business and strained relationship with family.

Everyone present gave him a big ear and was a patient listener to his concerns. Each and everyone present could relate himself with his concerns, problems and challenges faced in business and it’s impact on personal life. His interest in business was decreasing day by day and stress in relationship with family was on the rise as impact and vice versa.

Life Altering Conversation

Now was the time of life changing conversation. Best part was his commitment to alter the situation to get rid from it for forever.

And his openness for listening to a contradictory statements than his existing BELIEF SYSTEM. Surprisingly, everyone present, shared incidents from his or her personal life and how they also struggled hard enough and managed those situations in their respective past life.

All were having insights from each other’s experience sharing. And getting bolder and stronger for related future situations. Not to hide here, Mr. Rajan had to face little straight forward conversations as well as some satires also. But all is well that ends well. Everyone could see a little smile and a glean on his face before the final farewell and dispersal.

Best Reward Ever

Since we had really relished the Blueberry cake also along the conversations, I had shared during Whatsapp chat that I’ll arrange the cake next week again, if Mr. Rajan turns up in Happy mood.

And once again to a great Surprise. Mr. Rajan not only turned up coming Tuesday smartly dressed clean shaven with a big smile on his face. Rather was also the same Blueberry flavor cake also, at his own, to celebrate the beginning of a new joyful life. Watching him entering the premises with a smile hovering on his lips and holding a cake was the biggest remuneration, I could have ever received from any of my clients ever.


Mr. Rajan shared that he had been suffering from and facing the same level of stress since last three years continuously.

Now he was much more powerful to deal with challenges of life and business and expressed his acknowledgements by arranging for the cake.

I would say that the credit goes to the Power of Social Media for connecting all of us with gratitude to GOD for enabling me to contribute and all group members present that day. Who gave me the space and listening to create the empowering life altering conversations with Mr. Rajan and all.

Sincere love n warm regards