Self Awakening – Mind, Body & Soul

Self Awakening – Mind, Body & Soul : Three Simple Steps 

“Aap Mare Bina Swarg Bhi Nai Milega; Swarg Chahiye To Marna Bhi Khud Ko Hi Padega “.

Nobody else will die for you.

When we talk about Self Awakening, we focus on three angles: Mind, body and The Soul.

First, The Mind. This level, Brain Level, we need to be open. According to Hindi Mythology, Be open to learning. We live in Punjab.  In spite of less Sikhs present here, I say, Sikh means who is open to learning. Who donate 10%. I believe keep 10% for self development, for learning. Why do we have differences with others? This is because of difference in opinions. Difference of opinions arise. Why? Because you say, ‘I know’. and he says, she says ‘I also know, how dare you said that!!! You check your data. I KNOW THIS’. Gone. That’s start of conversation. Fight. Differences. Because he knows, you know, both knows, fight. At mental level, be open. Be open to learning. ‘That yes I don’t know. You tell me’. Create a learning structure. Learning organisation. Be open to learning. Don’t say I know it all. We should understand that we know less as compared to saying I know lot. 

How to be self-awakened in the case of physical body. What would be our Karma. What could be our Actions which should not be missed out? And that is what the management of this school and the Samiti, the USPC Samiti has also done, that they are now, in space of Giving. How many of you really want to be happy. Those who really want to be happy need to be in this space. You can always keep your hand in any way, but try noticing your hands to be in this space rather than to be in this space. In Temples also, why do we keep our hands open, rather we can be thanking God that whatever HE has given us, we need to be thankful. The real person always has lives with the context of giving. He is , I would say, physically awakened person. So you can always be in space of Giving, the Choice is yours. Just change flip of coin. Be in Space of ‘Ignorance – I Don’t Know’.

How to awaken your Soul. you must have listen this word before, ‘Ahem Bramhasmi’.

‘Ahem Bramhasmi’, I am Brahma. I am GOD. God is inside me. I am part of GOD. If a dog’s child becomes a dog, a cow’s child becomes a cow, an animal’s child becomes an animal. A human’s child becomes human, then who’s child I am? Of that Supreme Soul, I am child of that GOD. So I’m the GOD. God is inside me. I’m Brahm. But we have always been taught to be  lowly. We always say, I am slave; I do work here; I don’t have any role in here; I am just doing my duty; I am only an employee. Why so?

Because when You say that I AM GOD, I AM BRAHM, You have to take responsibility, Not only of your actions but also of all the happenings around you. And we don’t accept that. We never want that. We only want to blame. YOU DID IT. 

YOU DID IT. I didn’t do anything. Why can’t we take responsibility of all our actions and not only our actions, but actions surrounding us also. We need to take the responsibility and that takes you to joy and the bliss. Happiness is something else. Happiness is something happens outside of you. But what I am saying is, be in state of bliss, of joy. Because who am I, is, His grace. It’s HE who I’m. It is he who’s with me. We don’t want to take responsibility. And specially of something, which is outside of us. And then we want Happiness. But There’s stress, not Happiness. Tension; Depression; Anxiety; why? Because something is happening outside of you. why can’t you remain in space of grace ,bliss. Be in your own space. Why do you want to something else to happen to control you. Why can’t you be mastering that bliss. ‘Ahem Bramhasmi’.

I want to summarize this, Three things:

On body level, on physical level; be in state of giving.

On mind level, be in space of learner, ” a seekh “.  Invest on your Training and Development; not to be missed.

And for awakening of soul, ‘Ahem Bramhasmi’. I am Brahma. So Aham. Some structure we create, that I take responsibility for that.