How to Face Tough Times?

Do we have tough times?
Can we change them?
How can we accept tough times?
How can we prepare ourselves for the tough times?  
Is it possible that we always feel energised? 
What could be tools for the same? 

How to have access to extraordinary power for consistent results?

We all have breakdowns and here are some of the most powerful tools to face tough times.
Smart Goals : We need to define our long term our goals as much clear as possible. And create a sound support system to keep us reminding of the same. Clearer the goals are, faster shall be the pace. Goals should be SMART as quoted by many management gurus. Full form of SMART Goal is Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time bound.
Pathway & Deadlines : Have a clear pathway to achieve your goals. Don’t find any shortcuts. Make sure that milestones are well defined. While you create the pathway for your goals in life, don’t miss to have clear deadlines. Without timeline, nothing works. Use Gantt Chart or Histogram to keep a track of the actions expected to deliver the pre-decided timeline.
Resilience : One of the most powerful tool to stay energised is Resilience. Resilience is our internal power to bounce back while we fail or face challenges. To prove to our life that we are bigger than the challenges given by it, we need to create a structure around ourselves for Resilience. Either people around us or the technological reminders which should keep us on track.
Pareto’s Law : Every-time you fail, keep reminding yourself of the Pareto’s Law that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. The efforts made by you which could not bear fruits, those were part of 80% actions. So don’t be disheartened. Just keep moving and stay in action. Wait for the 80% failures to be completed and every action shall start delivering 5 times results. Some authors have called it Law of Averages also. So remember that no action is worthless, either it will go towards 80% or it will contribute in desired results.
Parkinson’s Law : As quoted earlier, it’s very important to have deadlines. Because Work Expands as per the Time Available. Lesser the time available, the more efficient we are. More the time available, more lethargic we are and tend to postpone the actions. So divide the assignment into smaller tasks and have shorter duration targets and keep yourself as stretched as possible.
Rule of 21st Century : Last but not the least, integrity is one the most important pillars for the success. Once you declare your targets, don’t deliver 100% rather be prepared for 300% input. Leave no stone unturned to fulfil what you committed and to stand for it like a rock or mountain irrespective of any breakdowns or barriers coming in the way.
Motivation is which everyone requires but nobody accepts that one needs it. And most of the times, one is not enthusiastic to pay to stay motivated. Motivation is just about keep moving all the time irrespective of the obstacles or challenges. I hope these insights shall keep you going on the ever changing path of Life.
Sushil Arora 
Management Consultant
Life and Business Coach