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Best Motivational Speakers in Ludhiana, Punjab, India


In today’s VUCA world, which is full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, competition is on the rise minute by minute, everyone has choices. As per the feedback received from the clients, here are the specific points which differentiate us from others in the industry.

  1. No One Size Fits All:Our approach is specific customer-centric. We design and deliver a new session for every client.Team Building or any other sessions are always customized as per the different requirements of each client as we believe that everyone has different priorities and challenges. We ensure understanding the challenges beforehand being faced by the management during day to day operations of the organization and design the session accordingly as a solution to the challenges being faced.
  2. Full of Fun filled Games:It is human tendency to grab and learn the maximum when we are happy and excited. So, while customizing any session, we make sure that each session is full of fun filled games and such interactive activities that it keeps the audience binding at all times. Different innovative management games and activities keep up the curiosity level of the participants, opening up the mind for new learning.
  3. Interactive with Fine Sense of Humor:Another USP of our sessions is that we ensure all of our sessions to be interactive and being two way communicative through games and short engaging activities rather than the seminar kind of delivery. A fine sense of humor always adds to the quality of the session in addition to the knowledge in the content part as per the demographics of the participants.
  4. Learned & Seasoned Faculty:Well educated team andthe experienced faculty always gives an edge over others. Our faculty with good educational background has experience of working with Multi national companies like Coats, YKK, ELGI, RB(Mortien Unit) as well as Indian companies like HDFC, Tally, Trans India, K.S.Munjal, Citizen group in various sectors from Pharma, IT, FMCG, Auto and from manufacturing to service industry also. Better understanding of industry norms improvises the design as well as delivery of the session.
  5. Live Improvisation while Delivery:It’s very important to know the emotion of the audience/ participants and improvise the conversation and activity accordingly while connecting each conversation with the previous one. This is one of the key points which differentiates and keeps us ahead of others. A healthy session is always improvised as per the space and logistics of the audience. We ensure long term lasting impact of each and every intervention by our team.
  6. Value for Money:Any expenditure on training and development is best investment ever. Having value for money policy, we believe in value addition in consideration of every penny of investment by client for the leadership training or any other project rather than charging hefty amounts irrespective of time and energy involved of our team and faculty. We make sure that every intervention done by the team adds value the client efficiency moving towards customer delight.
  7. Strong Online & Social Media Presence:In today’s ever increasing competitive world, having a strong online social media presence is must for better visibility. It adds to the branding and awareness all around for future interventions and online & social media cross branding of our clients also. Organic growth is always slow, but pays in the long run for better sustainability and higher profitability rather than short term benefits.
  8. Global Clientele:Having addressed 20000+ individuals and served 1000+ clients across demographic barriers adds value and credibility of the expert faculty. With the work experience of 20 years and more than 10 years in the training and development industry with knowledge of 5 languages enables better customization of each session rather than repeat of the same session again and again.Feedback received from our clients keeps us motivated and moving towards contributing more and more to the business industry.
  9. Plethora of Services:As mentioned earlier, we specialize in serving the client as per their need. We customize Outbound and In-house Team Building Games and Leadership training workshops, Periodical Review Meet like Annual Review or Half Yearly or Quarterly Review Meet, Corporate Trainings on Change Management, Stress Management, Time Management and Financial Management, Soft Skills and Body Language Trainings, Negotiation Skills and Sales Training, Management Development Programs, Faculty Development Programs and students orientation for educational institutions, Motivational Seminars and Pep-talks as per the requirement of the company.
  10. Best Google Rankings:With the grace of GOD, continuously contributing clients in their journey of growth and success, has fetched us many national recognitions and awards with good rankings on Google and ranked inTop 10 Motivational speakers of India 2019. We believe in continual up-gradation by continuously raising our performance standards by innovating new management games, role plays and case studies. We consider ourselves as facilitators on the success path of our clients.